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Shout Africa

Digital video technology is providing worldchanging in Africa. We noted awhile back that a digital video-based movie industry was growing in Nigeria -- referred to as "Nollywood" -- relying on cheap digital production tools and easy digital distribution (such as video CDs), and aimed at the global African diaspora. BoingBoing points us to the other end of the digital video chain: digital movie houses. Shout Africa is a South African home-grown digital cinema company, with twenty movie houses in historically disadvantaged sections of the country. Moore's Law-driven reductions in the cost of digital technology will mean that this will spread quickly; Africa may soon be home to a leapfrog movie industry, all digital and with a unique and powerful voice.


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» Digital theatre in South Africa from Neuvo
Shout Africa, a new company here in South Africa, is about to launch digital cinemas in South Africa to give historically disadvantaged people the experiences generally only shared by the wealthier minority for some time now, according to Sithengi [Read More]


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