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Jamie Oliver, School Lunch Hero

We noted recently that TV chef Jamie Oliver had launched a campaign for a 'school dinner revolution' to improve the quality, taste and nutrition of the food served in schoolrooms around the UK, and that Tony Blair had promised changes as a result. Now the UK government is coughing up the money to make those changes:

The education secretary promised an extra £280m to improve school meals yesterday, in an announcement apparently prompted by the TV chef Jamie Oliver's popular campaign. [...] "His programme [has] brought into focus what everyone in their heart of hearts knows - which is if you feed children decent food, you are more likely to get responsible children who are healthier and fitter," said Tony Blair.

But Oliver said it was a shame that it had taken his TV series to prompt action, although he described the extra cash as a "massive improvement".

Celebrity chefs: the special operations force of the Second Superpower?

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With great interest i watched the documentary on TV last night, and indeed, a sad state of affair. And it turned out to be mission impossible with the tight budget...Then again, i started thinking..why does it have to be a cooked lunch anyway.
I grew up in Holland, where it is common practice to bring your own lunch to school.Mum butters the sandwiches in the morning...
Things woul be a lot easier and healthier when schools would serve sandwiches, rolls, yoghurts, and soup , that kind of thing. A lot less preparation as well...
At home they'll have their cooked dinner with the family...
Anyway, even though in the TV program the project seemed to fail I'm glad to hear that it has triggered the governments attention ! Great result!

It's not just one programme, it's a series of four so hold off on making any judgements until you've seen the whole series.

As later programmes show many families provide packed lunches full of sweets, candy bars and chips. As later programmes show the food they get at home is reheated and devoid of vegetables. In one scene children were unable to name a number of vegetables when shown them but unsurprisingly went bezerk when shown a McDonald's logo.


I did't realize it was a series until reading on and on...I hope I will get a chance to see the other episodes...as this first one I watched while visiting Norway last week...I haven't seen it on Dutch TV yet...BUT it shows that it gets international attention from some countries...


Jamie Oliver for President!!!
Bars, chips and soda is NOT NOT NOT NOT food (breakfast, lunch or dinner) for growing school children!! Where is the nutrision and vitamines?
Where is the parents???? Do they live on the same junk???


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