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Clean-Energy Trends 2005

Sustainability Sundays contributer Joel Makower sent us a link to a new report from his company Clean Edge, detailing leading trends in sustainable energy-related businesses. The brief (18 page) report makes for interesting reading; the business side of the bright green future really seems to be picking up steam. Joel summarizes its findings in his blog, and an excerpt is available here. The entire report can be freely downloaded.

Joel's "five trends to watch:"

  • the growth of fuels from biomass in the U.S. and Europe
  • the growth of energy efficiency due to high energy prices
  • the resurgence of electricity generated by concentrated solar power stations
  • the emergence of the hydrogen infrastructure
  • how the growth of green buildings is stimulating markets for new products and technologies

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Technical note: for some reason Safari is rendering almost all of the "Quickchanges" column in italics -- from the start of the bullet points in this comment all the way to "WorldChanging Logo by Jeffrey Rusch".

I assume the problem stems from the fact that Movable Type doesn't close the "list items" tag and somehow that keeps it from properly "noticing" the "close-italic" tag.

Let's test it out:

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  • Yep, that's the problem. Any way to fix it, Jamais?

    It renders fine in Firefox, btw.

    Looks like I got it. Thanks for the heads-up. I switched over to Firefox awhile back, and don't launch Safari as often.

    Ben Hutchings:

    This page is labelled with an XHTML DTD, but the lack of end tags for the list items mean it's not even well-formed! In addition tag names are case-sensitive in XML so "<LI>" is wrong, and em is an inline element so it's invalid to put li elements inside it.


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