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Biodiesel, North Dakota Style

Green Car Congress points us to an announcement at the website of ND senator Kent Conrad of plans to build the largest biodiesel refinery in North America. A German company, Science and Technologies Industries International, will be the parent company behind the venture. The plant will produce 100,000 tons of biodiesel annually (a little over 2,000 barrels/day); the source biomass will be canola grown in North Dakota and Canada. Construction begins in August, and will be completed by December 2006.


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Comments (2)

JIm Bailey:

Kind of concerned that although this is a biodiesel and therefore potentially a good thing the crop being used is Canola a GMO. Generates a lot of ethical questions at least for me.

Brian McGowan:

While I am not real happy about GMOs I am more OK with burning them as fuel than eating them, especially if it gets us off of oil.


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