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Shameless Self-Promotion

ivoted.jpgVoting for the Bloggies closes tomorrow, February 3rd, at 10pm EST (that's 0300 GMT Feb 4, for you world travelers out there). As noted earlier, not only is WorldChanging nominated for "Best non-weblog content of a weblog site" (a frankly mysterious classification, as precisely what the admirable "non-weblog content" consists of is not specified), sites run by WorldChanging contributors Dina Mehta, Rohit Gupta, Taran Rampersad and Régine Debatty are also up for awards. Bloggies winners will be announced at this year's South by SouthWest, and several of us will be on hand to participate in the festivities.

The old phrase "vote early, vote often" only half-applies now: your chance to vote early is gone, so make this last day count.


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