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Images of a Changing World

Pasterze1875Web.jpgOregon photographer Gary Braasch is documenting in images the changes to the environment increasingly resulting from climate disruption. His site, World View of Global Warming, contains dozens of photographs of changing conditions, from accelerated glacial thawing to images of flooding and drought to the rise and decline of plant and animal species. While many of the pictures are striking, it's the images of retreating glaciers that are to me the most dramatic. The Pasterze Glacier in Austria, shown at right, is now simply gone, as this Braasch photo attests. Although glaciers have been gradually pulling back for thousands of years, the thaws over the past century have generally been notably faster than past patterns.

What sets the Braasch site apart are the abundant references. While footnoting does not necessarily indicate accuracy, the references (most of which are from primary scientific sources) do underscore the point that Braasch is making. And while it should be noted that even the most ardent global warming-focused climatologists will hesitate to assign blame for specific events (whether hurricanes, glacial melts, or droughts), the very breadth of the images tells its own story.

The BBC has a selection of Braasch's images, set up as pairs from different years.


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