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London Calling to the Faraway Towns

Jamais at the Tate Feb 2004Much to my delight, once again, I will be heading to London (and, this time, I'll add a brief visit to Paris at the end of it) the last week of January. London is one of my favorite cities in the world, and I haven't been to Paris in almost a decade. This won't be a work trip, per se, and I'll be visiting friends -- but I'll still be carrying out my WorldChanging duties!

So I ask: what WorldChanging exhibits or places or people should I try to check out while I'm there?

I know I'll be hitting the London Design Museum to check out Under a Tenner -- WorldChanger Cameron Sinclair was one of the designers asked to contribute to the exhibit. But what else should I see in London? And on the continent, I'll be staying at WorldChanger Nicole Boyer's flat -- and I'm sure the resulting endless conversations about scenarios, innovation and changing the world will tax the patience of our long-suffering partners. Anyone else I should make a point of looking up for the short visit to Paris?

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Let us know when you are about we can meet up for a drink to chat about worldchanging, opening government etc.

Maybe you should pop over to the visitor centre at BedZed, I keep meaning to chase up a meeting with the architects about how they can open up the planning for new developments.



here's a few hints for the UK in general,

I would also suggest that BED-ZED would definitely be worth a visit. Not only for the innovative housing development itself, but for the varied and exciting projects that founders Bioregional Development Group are running, from localised paper recycling, to lavender production, to decentralised local supply of charcoal. Check out www.bioregional.org

Must be loads of stuff going on in London, but we here in the regions don't get up there that much. If you are planning to travel elsewhere in the UK, then the following are worth a visit too:

Bristol - recently named as the best city to be green in in the UK by the Observer newspaper (must be true!). Projects include a large self-build housing project, CREATE environment centre and demonstration eco-home, active community garden and allotments scene, successful city-wide car sharing club (www.smartmoves.co.uk), recently builst bicucly hub for commuters (centre incorporating lockers, secure parking, showers and bike maintenance). Also home to the Soil Association (organic organisation), SUSTRANS (sustainable transport charity) and many more. If you need a place to stay: sami@multilingual-matters.com

Brighton - short trip from London and loads of innovative stuff going on. Home of Britain's first Earthship. Active permaculture movement. No contact details I'm afraid.

Hebden Bridge - sleepy hippy town in the North, near Leeds. Home of great project with a bad name - Treesponsibility. A local group taking action to prevent disasterous flooding of 2000 in the town by reforesting the valley, both as a flood defence, and for carbon sequestration. Also active with climate awareness campaigns. Recently defeated an open cast mining proposal. Regularly hold tree planting parties and gatherings. Amazing what they have achieved with very little support www.treesponsibility.com.

Have fun!

Almost forgot. Whilst in London, may be worth hooking up with Peace Direct - wonderful new organisation supporting non-violent response to conflict around the world (www.peacedirect.org). Lovely people doing important work.

BED-ZED is definitely on the list. Sami, I don't think I'll have much of a chance to get out of London, so while the Bristol, etc., suggestions sound interesting, I probably won't get to them. I'll look into Peace Direct, though.

Mark, that would be great! Let's talk in email.


Went to London for the first time last year. Fell in love with the Tube. It is simply the most amazing subway system I've ever ridden - and that includes the charming "yellow" line of Budapest, the oldest subway on the Continent.

Have a good trip and say hello to Mike Metelits if you see him.


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