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Eye of Science

killzell.jpgOne of the often under-appreciated aspects of science is its ability to show us the striking, alien beauty of the world around us. We're somewhat familiar with pictures from space; images from the Hubble telescope adorn office and dorm walls around the world. Less familiar are images from the micro-world -- detailed depictions of insects, fungus, electronics, even bacteria and viruses. These, too, can be awe-inspiring.

The photographers at Eye of Science have set out to make certain that we know just how amazing the micro-world can be. Working with electron microscopes, computertomographic equipment, and high-end Macintoshes, Oliver Meckes and Nicole Ottowa have been doing scientific photography for over a decade. Their philosophy -- mixing scientific fact and an artistic eye -- results in some of the most jaw-dropping images I've seen in a long while. Prints and calendars are available, but their site itself is worth spending a half-hour exploring. These are breathtaking pictures, composed with grace and beauty. And they are all around us, even if we can't see them.

(Via Josh Rubin's Cool Hunting)


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Corinna Kester:

Nice! Thanks.

I've been looking for something like this.


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