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Real Climate

RealClimate is here. It's a blog written by nine working climatologists from around the world (all experts in their field), focusing on explaining climate science, providing context to current reports in the mainstream media, and rebutting the fallacious arguments of carbon lobby hacks. They've started off with a bang -- in their first ten days of operation, they've covered climate models, critics of the "hockey stick" temperature reconstruction, the Arctic Climate Assessment, urban heat islands, solar influence, and more. For anyone interested in climate science, this site will be the first place to read every day. Highly recommended.


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One of the issues I find perplexing is that of a time table. When I read in the media something on global warming and its affects usually there is the phrase explaining that this dire warning will only truly affect us in 100 years. That kind of disclaimer has the affect of postponing any serious action until another time. Does science have a clearer idea of the rate of change then is generally reported?


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