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Ideas 2004

This week's New York Times Magazine has an interesting collection of short pieces it calls "The Year in Ideas: A to Z." The ideas run the gamut from "Acoustic Keyboard Eavesdropping" to "You Don't Need Superstars To Win," and include several WorldChanging favorites, such as "Land Mine Detecting Plants" (WC post) and "Concrete You Can See Through" (WC post). Several of them are of particular WorldChanging interest: "Augmented Bar Codes," "Dumb Robots Are Better," and "The Micropolis," among others.


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Leo en World Changing que el **New York Times Magazine** de esta semana, trae una lista de **ideas del año**. Para acceder a la misma es necesario registrarse, pero es gratuíto, y accedes al artículo: "The Year in Ideas: A to Z" [Read More]


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