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China's Energy Agenda

WBCSD brings us a report that China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced its medium- and long-term energy policies late last week, and the results are... well, not what WorldChangers might have hoped for. China plans to still focus on coal and oil use in 2020, albeit at much greater efficiency than at present (right now, China's coal plants require 22 percent more coal per kilowatt of power produced than do comparable plants in the United States). Their focus is on China's energy shortage, which could put a brake on the nation's growth. Unfortunately, nothing in the report suggests that potentially restricted oil supplies, greenhouse gas emissions, or even choking smog problems entered into the plan. If there's a prediction to be made based on this agenda, it's that 2020 will not look at all like what the NDRC thinks it will...


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