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Alternative Energy in Korea

skalt.jpgAlternative Energy Blog points us to two big alt energy projects now underway in South Korea: a 254 megawatt tidal energy system, and a 15 megawatt solar power grid.

Ground breaking for the Shihwa Lake tidal power project is set to begin in November, and is scheduled to be completed by 2009; this will likely get it up and running prior to the Yalu river tidal project I posted about last week. As a result, the Shihwa Lake project will (temporarily, at least) become the largest tidal power generator in operation. Alt Energy Blog notes that, at the current cost projections, the price-per-kilowatt from Shihwa Lake will be just under 9 cents, a fairly competitive price. (The linked article also gives some details about a planned experimental "current power" plant which uses both tidal flows and temperature differentials to generate electricity.)

The South Korean solar power grid begins construction in February, with scheduled completion in October 2006. At 15 megawatts, this will be the largest single solar power installation in the world. It will be eventually be joined with other plants in the South Jeolla province to provide a total of 37 megawatts. No price estimate was given.


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I never knew tidal power was so cost effective. It should be noted that the majority of the world's population lives near/on a coastline. Here in WA, there are a ton of tidal bottlenecks in the Puget Sound. In some areas the water moves treacherously fast between islands, deadly to kayakers but perfect for power generation.


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