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Paul Hawken on "The Long Green" Friday Night

From Stewart Brand:

The environmental movement has moved on.  It has become so deep and wide that it adds up to something new entirely, still unnamed.  Whatever it is, it is now the largest movement in the world and the least ideological.  Driven by science and patience, it is civilization-scale therapy.

So says Paul Hawken in a landmark address he will make this Friday evening, Oct. 15, in San Francisco.

Paul Hawken, "The Long Green," Friday, October 15, Fort Mason Conference Center.  Doors open at 7 pm for coffee, books, and conversation, lecture promptly at 8 pm.  Admission free ($10 donation very welcome, not required).

Paul Hawken co-authored the now classic NATURAL CAPITALISM with Amory Lovins and also wrote THE ECOLOGY OF COMMERCE and GROWING A BUSINESS.  He co-founded a great garden company, Smith & Hawken, and a great organic food company, Erewhon.  He chaired the introduction of The Natural Step to the US and currently is creating several companies for Pax Scientific.

I'll be there -- if you attend, be sure to say hi.

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Glad to know we are not the only people having trouble naming this thing. Too bad I'm not in San Fran, I'd love to see Paul and hear what he has to say.

Diane Hume:

I missed this and would love to listen to it. Does anyone know if there is a recording available?

Paul Wingate:

Paul Hawken's speech, and perhaps some visuals, will be posted on the longnow.org site, as requested by Stewart Brand. P Hawken asked for some time to polish his talk before submitting it. Check in a few days, and again at the end of Oct.


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