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RSS Feed Update

Just a quick note (and apology) about WorldChanging's RSS feeds. Today, I modified the RSS 1.0 "headline and excerpt" feed to display the author's name at the beginning of the entry. That was quick and painless. I also modified the RSS 2.0 "full article" feed to display the author name, posting time, and category, including a link to the category archives. That was less quick and painless, and resulted in the RSS listing being reset as having new material several times over the course of the day. I now have it working and displaying the way I want it to, so any "modified material" updates from here on out should be the real thing.

(A description of what RSS is, as well as some useful links, can be found here.)

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Thanks for those tweaks. A recommendation (I'm friends with these guys, but otherwise have nothing to do with the business): if you find yourself tweaking feeds, you might get some benefit from the tools offered by the good folks at www.feedburner.com.

Thanks, Marc! I'll check it out.

BTW, for those of you who don't use RSS, but are curious about what I've changed, I added a line at the end of each entry showing:

(Posted by Author Name in Category at Time.)

I also changed the feed so that the entire posting gets sent, including any "extended entry".


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