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Individual Carbon Credits

Think emission-trading regimes are for big companies, multinational industries, and countries? Guess again. PhysOrg.net reports that researchers at the UK's Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research have suggested the deployment of "Domestic Tradable Quotas" (DTQs) as a means of allocating carbon taxes most fairly. Those who live efficiently could sell their DTQ credits to the more profligate emitters, making a tidy sum -- and encouraging others to be more efficient, to get in on the game while there's still money to be made. Very clever...

The article gives no real details on precisely how such a DTQ mechanism would work, and the only DTQ-related article (PDF) I could find in a quick search at Tyndall focuses more on why to do it than how, we'll have to put this in the "somewhat interesting, but let's hear more" category.

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Richard Mumford:


Carbon Credits.

I'm working for a Company that is building a hydro-electric power plant, and we would like to register for carbon credit. Can you tell me how to go about this, and approx. cost. The plant, and the Company are located in Sri Lanka.

I hope to hear from you.


Richard Mumford


We are a semi government society engaged in facilitating Jatropha plantation on community forestland in an area of 200000 Hectares with community involvement for up liftment of rural poor. The project period is eight years.

We want to register our organization for receiving funding the plantation against carbon credits to be accrued. One hectare of plantation on hilly terrain including nursery is costing about US $665 per hectare. That is our annual fund requirement is US$16625000.

Our organization shall get the guarantee from state government about the implementation of the plantation project.

Please suggest us the options for getting finance.


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