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Get Your Absentee Ballot

We've done enough stories on the uncertainty surrounding the reliability of no-paper-trail electronic voting that there's a good chance that many of you in the U.S. are considering voting absentee for the first time this November 2. Or maybe you're one of our numerous ex-pat readers, and have decided to vote this time around. Regardless, if you've never voted with a mail-in ballot before, you may be a bit uncertain about how to get one.

Overseas Vote 2004 is a site which partially automates the process of overseas voter registration and absentee ballot request. I say "partially," as you can't actually register or request a ballot online -- you still have to mail or fax in your paperwork. The site is a good way to make sure that you've filled in every box you need to, though, and has a very useful page indicating the registration deadline for each state (October 3 seems to be the earliest and most common deadline).

Overseas Vote 2004 is paid for by the Democratic National Committee, but has no partisan content.


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