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AltWheels Festival

Looking for something to do this weekend? Live in Massachusetts, or can get there easily? Check out the AltWheels festival, at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Saturday and Sunday. It's an auto show for the post-auto future:

Two great days for viewing, experiencing and discussing some of the most innovative means of transportation in the world today; all gathered on the beautiful hillside lawn of the Larz Anderson Transportation Museum. Meet the inventors and experience futuristic concept vehicles. See what our transportation options will be over the next decade — from fuel cell vehicles to taxi rickshaws to the Segway scooter.

While the AltWheels Festival website makes the event look fairly lightweight, there are quite a few events taking place during the Festival, including = a pretty interesting symposium:

Sat. Sept. 18: The Power of Technology
10:00   Overview of Transportation Technologies
10:40   Future Cars: What Vehicles Will You Be Driving in 2015?
12:10   Alternative Fuels and Car Conversions - Where Do You Fuel Up?
1:30   Fuel Cell Technologies and the Feasibility of a Hydrogen Future
3:00   Creating a Sustainable Transportation Vision for the 21st Century
4:30   Adjourn

Sun. Sept. 19: The Power of Choice
10:00   Overview of Transportation Choices
10:40   Pockets of Progress - What are State Agencies & Municipalities Doing to Promote Sustainability
12:10   Fleet Conversion - Hear from the Experts
1:30   Urban Sprawl - How Do We Design Cities for Sustainability
3:00   The Changing Landscape: Greenways, Bikeways, Rail-to-Trail, and Human Powered Transportation
4:30   Adjourn

Attendance isn't free, but it is pretty inexpensive. Any of you out in the Brookline area who get a chance should check it out and report back!

...And we have a report! WorldChanging reader Jeff Egnaczyk posted in the comments a link to his photos from the festival. Looks like a great day in Brookline. Thanks, Jeff!


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I have pictures over at www.jeffandcarol.com/jeff

Here is the permalink: http://www.jeffandcarol.com/jeff/view.aspx?id=286


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