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Speaking of Good Resources

A few new URLs for interesting technology-related weblogs have been written on bricks and thrown through my window -- all well-worth reading.

Emergic.org is Rajesh Jain's weblog on new technologies and their business and social implications, from the perspective of a Mumbai writer. It has a distinct IT/entrepreneur orientation, but Jain covers a wide-enough array of technology issues from an interesting-enough perspective that Emergic has a welcome place on my RSS list. His essays on Transforming Rural India have particularly valuable insights into the IT components of leapfrog development.

Macroscopic is a Slashdot-style news and discussion site looking at the intersection of science, design, technology and nature. The posts are brief and wide-ranging; the site was created by John Humphrey, a student in Stockholm working on his MS in sustainable energy engineering. Although the site itself is fairly busy in appearance (lots of little animated doodads), the links are useful and interesting.

Finally, Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends is a wonderful example of the value of focused attention. Many tech blogs give you little more than a headline about a subject, but lots of them; RPTT goes the other direction, giving you abundant information (with multiple illustrations and links) about a subject, but typically only does a single post per day. Best of all, Roland provides insightful analysis in his posts, helping the reader understand why the given subject is important.

Okay, your turn. What sites out there -- particularly those places which haven't (yet) popped up as references on WorldChanging -- do you find useful as sources of information and news about technology, design, development, and the environment? What links do you think we should add to our small list of sites (right hand column, down towards the bottom)?

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I'm quite fond of Kuro5hin, another slashdot-like site. Although I haven't posted there in a while, they have interesting, in depth discussions of technology, culture, and politics with a very active user-base. Gets a bit trolly now and again, but has some top-notch contributions.

p.s. what are some good enviro-activist site out there? Although not specifically environmental, I subscribe to AdBusters for a healthy dose of "Fuck the system!" noise.



A compendium of stories appearing in the science news


One story a day with some commentary


Security in a networked globalized ad hoc terrorist world

The blog 'World is Green' is an excellent resource for news on development trends and innovations in rural India - http://www.worldisgreen.com.

Also, I would recommend much less strongly checking out my blog, http://chiasm.blog-city.com, which is much less focused but regularly covers environmental and energy security issues in transportation policy - am currently putting together primers on the potentials of various existing and emerging technologies for reducing oil dependence.


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