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Assorted Developments (07.20.04)

If posting seems a bit spotty this week, it's because WorldChangers from at least two countries are gathering for a special event -- details to come.

Here are some interesting tidbits across the WC spectrum to tide you over until one of us gets a chance to post something more substantial.

  • In "the street finds its own uses for things" department, Near Near Future points us to WiPod, an iPod note document created by the good folks at Bay Area Free WiFi listing the numerous free WiFi spots in (you guessed it) the SF Bay Area. You say you don't live in the SF Bay Area? Make one for your own hometown!
  • Perhaps you live in Paris, and not SF (hi Nicole!). If so, then the this Parisian website may have useful information for you. Nicolas Nova, in his blog "Pasta and Vinegar," points us to the site's noise level map for the entire city (here, for example, is the 7e arrondiseement; click the map to zoom in for noise details).
  • FuelCell Energy, Inc. -- the company providing the fuel cell technology for the sewage power facility we mentioned yesterday -- will be providing a 250 kilowatt fuel cell to be part of the temporary distributed generation micro-grid at next week's Democratic National Convention. As the system uses a natural gas reformer process, it won't be carbon-free, but it will produce 59 percent less CO2 than traditional combustion generators. (Found at Chiasm in its link back to us for the sewage power article.)
  • John Reardon sent us a suggestion to check out the entirely-off-the-grid house shown at "mocoloco," the weblog of Modern Contemporary design. It's the home of WorldChanging ally Glen Hunter, and I must say, it looks pretty damn cool, especially for a house made of straw. Congratulations on the fine work, Glen!
  • Finally, today is the 35th anniversary of the first humans landing on the moon, the Apollo 11 mission. Project Apollo Archive is a massive online repository of Apollo-related information and photographs. It now includes high-resolution scans of the entire "film magazine S," taken during the very first walk on the moon (can't link directly because the site uses a very silly javascript navigation tool rather than vanilla HTML links).

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    I found both 'Battlestar Galactica' and 'For All Mankind' on Laserdisc at the thrift store recently. Which Apollo were you talking about? :-)

    'For All Mankind' is made up entirely of NASA footage, edited and digitally restored (digital restoration was a big deal in 1989). It's the first commercial film shot entirely on location in space.

    Just FYI. :-)


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