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Thanks to everyone who showed up to the WorldChanging Happy Hour last Friday; as the photos here suggest, the event was quite the success. We got to meet some new friends in person for the first time, hook up with some old friends we hadn't seen in years, and get to meet people who -- whether or not they were WorldChanging readers -- were definitely allies in spirit. I'm told that the festivities continued well after the "official" end point. For those of you who couldn't make it, fear not: this was only the first of many gatherings of people who want to enjoy the world and change it at the same time.

If I cannot dance, I want no part in your revolution. -- Emma Goldman

If posts by Alex and myself don't seem to be as rampant as they have in weeks past, don't worry. Alex is taking the month of June to finish his book, spending his days locked away in a quiet spot without a net connection. His contributions will be sporadic for the next few weeks. While I don't have a book to complete, I do have some behind-the-scenes technical stuff to work on for the site, now that I'm back after a couple of short trips. If WC starts to look a bit different in the coming days, you'll know I'm hard at work.

Fortunately, the WorldChanging contributors are ably making sure that the site continues to bring you interesting news and ideas about building a better world. Thank you -- WC wouldn't be the same without you!

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Dammit I missed the Worldchanging throwdown - next time us NYCers are gonna put you guys to shame..

I look forward to it!


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