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Talk Energy is a new discussion and news site focusing on alternative energy use for home and transportation. Based on slashcode, the discussion system used at Slashdot, Talk Energy mixes energy-related headlines, alternative power product reviews, classified ads, and a place for you innovative types to toss your ideas out for group evaluation. They're aiming for a million members, so check 'em out!

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New ways to produce energy:

Please look at patent no. 6009707 about the production of energy from elevation in away like wind or solar but as the elevation is always there it is different from solar that you need the sun to rise or the wind to blow.

This patent concentrates on using buoyancy as a reverse way of gravity and gravity as a free way to empty the buoyant. You can see it here:



The main question is how do you elevate the water after working on the apparatus?

The answer is by boiling it in the lower part of the mountain then it will rise as steam in a free way or you can harness the pressure to operate on a steam turbine.

Is the boiling of the water more than the energy produced?

No because we have two states the first one is constant that is the cost of the boiling of the water.

But the elevation is variable so in a certain point in the elevation there will be equilibrium and for more elevation you can reach over unity.

That is for the first time in history.

I am looking for a good engineer to validate the concept and answer the questions raised above in good math and real equations, on a volunteer way or payment.

And would love to make this dream reality the cost of energy is almost free.

Mohammed Alkhamis


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