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"Enertia" Homes

Enertia founder Michael Sykes wrote to us suggesting that we check out his company. Using sustainable design principles and green materials, Enertia promises homes which can save on power costs, will last far longer than most present-day houses, and do relatively little harm to the planet while they're around. At least according to the site's info, that is; have any of you built or lived in an Enertia home?

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I've only looked at the first few lines of "Enertia" Homes but if the rest continues in this vain I must say, FINALLY! Someone gets it! People Think! Don't make so called green dwellings and buildings that oh-so-spiritually revert to the natural environment, yahooie melting houses! No! Instead build them to last a long long time with little maintenence needed!

The greatest environmental cost is the building of the house, the logistics of producing and delivering materials not to mention worker travel feeding a waste. Some idiot builds a meltdown house and 20 years later it has to be done all over again and cost the next time even more in damage. Nay, build it once and let it stand 1000 years! Build it of steel and stone and long time durables. Whatever people think they save the environment by building recyclable turn-back-to-dirt, dwellings is long wasted in having to do it repeatedly.

This is so simple. I dare say, I doubt few ever tally the enviro cost of incidentals spent in the actual build. How many ever break down the cost of each worker's gear and travel and expendables, taking into account wear and tear and leakage and waste, the myriad things that no one seems to look for... all the energy required?

Build it to last, build it once in at least 10 life times. Take advantage of the latest in tehnology. I'm an environmentalist and a proud Liberal/Libertarian/Socialist-ish/slightly conservative, eeww the last one is hard to get out, heh, i.e. middle of the roader. I love the environment and want it protected and as much of it as possible returned to the pristine. However, silly back-to-the-bad-ole-days low tech approaches are not the way to go. Technology will set us free, especially the new micro approach as oppsosed to 19th century macro approach. We did things dirty dealing with rough tech, we knew no better. Now we'll do much better and reverse the damage of the old by dealing with tech at ever more finer resolutions.

Now off to read the rest. I hope it doesn't let me down from an excellent start.



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