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More Housekeeping

More changes for the WorldChanging site! We'd like to give a warm welcome to new WC contributor -- and long-time WC ally -- Taran Rampersad. He's an instructor at the University of the West Indies School of Continuing Studies, a writer and a programmer in San Fernando (in Trinidad & Tobago), and he runs a variety of very cool and interesting websites, including KnowProSe and eAsylum (which we mentioned recently). Glad to have you aboard, Taran!

Also, we've added another section to WorldChanging -- QuickChanges. These are brief entries on subjects we find interesting (and think you'll find interesting, too), but, either due to tone or depth, don't necessarily warrant a full-sized entry. The QuickChanges section now inhabits the top of the right side-bar (RSS readers will get the QuickChanges mixed in with the regular posts). Let us know what you think of them!

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Worldchanging has been doing a fantastic job and I think that Taran would be a great addtion to this.

All the best.


It's an hono(u)r to be a part of such a diverse crew. I just have to keep up with everyone else. :)


On my system (Netscape 7.1), the horizontal lines in QuickChanges go all the way across the page!


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