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Let's give a WorldChanging welcome to our two new contributors: Emily Gertz and Andrew Zolli! Emily is a writer, photographer, and web designer in New York. Her Secret Museum website and blog focus on the intersection of art, culture, the environment, and life in the Big Apple, as well as linking to some of her photos. Andrew is a forecaster, design strategist, and author, founder of the Z+Partners forecasting, ideation, and design think tank, Futurist-in-Residence at Popular Science magazine, and a bunch of other things. Read his bio and be very, very impressed.

Also, if you read via RSS or only hit the front page, you may have missed the fascinating and insightful conversation between Vinay and Alex in the comments of the Trees and Green Futurism post. It's still going on, so check it out -- and have your say!

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I find it very useful to also subscribe to comments feeds of better sites. You do know that with Movable Type that you can set up a "comments" feed, that consists only of the comments for your site?


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