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Ford to Use Toyota Hybrid Technology

The International Herald Tribute reports that Ford Motor company has agreed to license hybrid car technology from Toyota.

Ford will incorporate the Toyota technology into a hybrid system it plans to introduce this year in a gasoline-electric version of its Escape sport utility vehicle. The Ford vehicle will be the first hybrid offered by a U.S. carmaker and the first application of hybrid technology in a sport utility vehicle.

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This is excellent - and an excellent example how the US has been completely misguided in its "hydrogen car" program funding and complete cave-in on CAFE standards. Why haven't US car companies being producing this sort innovation that we're getting from Japan? Aren't we supposed to be the great innovators? Ha!

No realistic goals, that's our problem. We invest billions in far-off schemes that will pay off late if ever, and neglect real near-term programs (like hybrids, like battery-power projects) that could make a huge difference now, and next year, and the year after.

I blame the Newt Gingrich Republicans who started axing anything that looked like what they called "corporate welfare" - near-term technology incentive programs. We've been heading downhill ever since (10 years later now).

Brian McCreary:

I believe that they have done well.They are missing a very powerful by product.From my studies I can see a large increase in the
generation of current


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