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Calculating Ecological Impact

In looking for details about figuring the cost/value of the San Francisco Moscone Center solar panels (see previous post), I came across a nice set of links to various calculators allowing you to estimate your ecological "footprint" -- that is, how much of the planet do your various activities consume. Some of the calculators are based on national averages, so the results are pretty broad, while others go into great detail.

Redefining Progress, which developed the "MyFootprint" calculator used by numerous groups around the web, has an Excel spreadsheet (XLS) letting you calculate your household footprint, if you want more detail than the web quizzes provide. They also have explanations of the Ecological Footprint concept and methodology.

I also found the CO2 Calculator at ClimateCare.org to be interesting, in part because it helps you figure out how much your carbon emissions cost, then gives you a way to donate that amount to various environmental groups directly. Clever.

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Simone Huevre:

new readers also may find valid this world changing's earlier report on the footprints


please continue this excellent writings!

Thanks for the link to Alex's earlier piece, Simone. It's definitely worth taking a look at for additional context and information.


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