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Conference on Humanness

Noted at Cyborg Democracy:

Human, All Too Human
3 to 6 August 2004
San Diego, United States

This is an international, interdisciplinary conference on all things human--humanism, human rights, dualism, consciousness, human nature, morality. What is it that makes us human and how is the concept of humanity changing? How is the concept of humanity treated in scientific research, philosophical research, and popular culture?

Papers and alternative presentations from a wide range of disciplines are encouraged: Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, Biology, Neurology, Sociology, Anthropology, Visual Arts, and Literature.

General topics can include: Mind/body dualism; Consciousness; Morality; Individuality and personality; Social needs and obligations; Creative needs; Concepts of the self; Alienation and estrangement from the self; Cloning/genetics; and Cyborgs and other human-like constructions.

The deadline for abstracts/proposals is 30 April 2004.

Enquiries: dlh4059@garnet.acns.fsu.edu

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Stefan Thomas:

Truly, naval-gazing of the first order. Meanwhile the World goes to hell in a handbasket.


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