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Tell Jamais Where To Go

I will be in London, England from February 4th through February 10th. What WorldChanging-type sights or activities should I hunt down? Whom should I seek out for wisdom? What will wake me up out of a jet-lagged stupor and kick me for a paradigm-breaking loop? Send me email or post here.

I may be taking a day trip through the Chunnel and hitting Paris, so I wouldn't mind suggestions for quick WC-related activities there, too.

I'll be bringing my camera and laptop (and will be posting my observations/discoveries/drunken, rambling commentaries), so bonus points for photogenic people/places/things.

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No link for it, but isn't there a wave power initiative and pprogram in England somewhere? Checking that out would be worthy.

hey, here's a link after all!


You could always check out the new Hydrogen fuel cell buses in Bow... Apparently they steam in a most excellent fashion.


Well, if you come to Brighton (only half an hour away, by train) you could meet me. I live in a camper-van, learn and teach tai-ji, and have my own blog(livejournal). I could bring you to places where they produce unpasteurised dairies, and explain you why half of the current health problems are coming from having no-raw-fat available. You could taste some of the sweet milk bottled as it comes out, and fresh cheese, unpasteurised yoghurt, and so on.

I will also explain you how people are starting to realise the need of unpasteurised dairies, and the trends and problems that this might bring in the future.
We could also disuss of wikis, new tecnologies and how to use those tools to spread the change.
It would probably be a good half a day, or a bit more.

Let me know,


I would recommend meeting this guy Zaid ;-)

You're talking crazy, man!


"What will wake me up out of a jet-lagged stupor and kick me for a paradigm-breaking loop?"


then ideally you'd head out to cornwall, but it should get you through an afternoon of parliamentry debate!

or the tower of londong :D


still , closer, perhaps bishops wood in worcestershire :D


where you can visit roger dean's home for life!

Nation Branding for World Changing:
the Simon Anholt site,


YOu need to meet with Bronwen Morgan:
She is one of the world's leading legal minds regarding water rights. The oil battle is nothing compared to the battle for water rights. Sterling's Heavy Weather lightly dusted the subject.


Look up Edwin Datschefski for his work on sustainable product design or visit EF Schumacher's cohorts at their center for intermediate Technology.

And how come Micheal M. hasn't set up a full itinerary for you?

Then again, you could always call Howard Rheingold, he of the painted shoes, and Bruse Sterling. I'm sure they've got lots of interesting contacts in the UK.

Actually, I'm staying with Mike, so I'm sure he'll have all sorts of surprises for me...

Thanks for all of the suggestions, folks!


It's also not strictly speaking WorldChanging, but one thing I've always wanted to check out is the mighty morphin' dam and breakwater system they use to control flooding on the Thames during North Sea storms. It's supposedly an engineering marvel.

If you want to find out about the workbike industry, let me know

Take a visit to Sir John Soane's Museum, http://www.soane.org/ . It was actually Soane's house, and was very far ahead of its time in many ways. A fascinating building, with some remarkable things inside it. And photogenic, yes.

Take a look at the wind power on the Thames, just east of the Millenium Eye ferris wheel:

http://www.davephelan.org/~dphelan/archives/000054.html (poor photo, sorry). It looks like the future to me!

Pietro: Brighton'a at least 55 minutes on the train from a London terminus, more like an hour and a quarter in rush hour. I'm doing this trip most days :-(

Jamais: Brighton also has a wifi-enabled beach (http://www.piertopier.net), though this time of year isn't really the time to appreciate it. It free - supported by sponsorship & donations.

Hi,I'm from Brazil.I've just arrived at this site worldchanging and I think it is a very good important idea.
I've worked for 30 years with public education.Now I think all the time about this madmad mad world
In july I'm going to Europe and I intend to stay onlya litlle in London because it is very very expensive in Brazilian money.

Twice I was already there.This time I would like to know something outside London.

It would be marvellous to know someone to talk and change ideas about world changing.

As you can see,I manage with English.

Best wishes for all

Hey Leia-

Well, if I were going back to London, I'd try and visit the Chelsea Physic Garden, which I was told is one of the oldest botanic gardens in Europe.

When I was there, in 2000, I did not get to see it, but maybe if you go you can report back, eh?!

Best to all-


Oak Park, Illinois


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