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Bollywood Insider

BollyWHAT? is a handy reference website for those of us with an interest in Bollywood movies but without sufficient cultural referents to understand just what the hell is going on in them. The site includes a FAQ (answering pressing questions about why people are wagging their thumbs, tugging on their ears, and not kissing), translated song lyrics, and a rental guide to help newbies figure out which movies are worth renting (or grabbing from Kazaa) and which ones are best avoided. My only complaint about the site is that it focuses a bit too much on the musical-romances coming out of the Mumbai studios, and not enough on the more serious films [such as the recent Kargil LoC (Line of Control)] which address what it's like to live on the Subcontinent in the early 2000s.

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In my extensive [relative :-)] experience there are very, very few, if any, Bollywood movies without a serious strain of romance in them and that includes LOC. I'm not sure it's a 'serious' movie either!


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