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Democratic Transhumanism

If you could use biotech, nanotech, and intelligence augmentation to repair and rebuild your body, would you? Many people would say no, but a growing number of people say "bring it on*." The notion of using emerging technologies to make oneself better, stronger, faster (and smarter, longer-lived, with better breath, etc.) is known these days as "transhumanism." Problem: most of the vocal proponents of this sort of stuff tend to be adamantly, aggressively, cyberlibertarian. On their nice days.

So where are the post-humans who actually like people? A goodly number of them hang out at the Cyborg Democracy blog, which calls itself a home for

democratic transhumanists, nanosocialists, revolutionary singularitarians, non-anthropocentric personhood theorists, radical futurists, leftist extropians, bioutopians and biopunks, socialist-feminist cyborgs, transgenders, body modifiers, basic income advocates, agents of the Culture and the Cassini Division, Viridians and technoGaians - transmitting a sexy, high-tech vision of a radically democratic future

Very cool. I'm all for it.

The blog seems to be all over the map, covering culture and tech and politics, both U.S. and international, usually (but not always) with a strong Transhumanist bent. Definitely worth checking out.

*...and I have to say, after dealing with a month-long series of arthritis attacks, I can more than sympthize.


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